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Yohimbe Extract (2% Yohimbine) – 100Capsules




Yohimbe Extract (2% Yohimbine) – 100Capsules help boost energy, stamina, and vigor

  • Supports Male Wellness – Unleash your ultimate male potential by taking our yohimbe root supplement. Yohimbe has yohimbine extract, a natural compound that may help boost energy, stamina, and vigor.
  • Prolonged Endurance – Last longer in the gym and in the bedroom with the help of our yohimbe plus bark extract pills. Yohimbe may help increase blood flow which may lead to longer-lasting endurance.
  • Elevate Your Mood – Do you find yourself easily falling into a grumpy disposition? Studies show that yohimbine pills may help promote a feeling of calmness, relieve stress, and lift your mood.
  • Hit Your Fitness Goals – Make the most out of your workout by adding our yohimbe pills to your regimen. Yohimbe may help speed up metabolism which, in turn, may help you maintain a lean physique.
  • Customer Satisfaction – If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the quality of our yohimbine bark pills, let us know anytime so we can provide a full refund or a replacement, with no questions asked.

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