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Tribulus Terrestris with Maca Root – 100 Capsules




All about Tribulus Terrestris with Maca Root

Herbalicious is a well-established brand that strives to provide powerful and effective dietary supplements meant to promote optimal health and wellbeing, without compromising on your safety or comfort. We make it a rule from working only with premium ingredients and reliable suppliers, in order to meet all international manufacturing standards and exceed your expectations.

Should you not be 100% pleased with your purchase, our customer care department is at your disposal and will address any concerns!

Only Nature’s Best for Increased Vitality and Performance

The Herbalicious mens supplement is an excellent choice for those who wish to enjoy enhanced energy levels and boost their performance in a safe and natural manner! Based on safe herbal extracts, with Tribulus terrestris and maca root as base active ingredients and no nasties, this male supplement is a treat that’s hard to beat behind closed doors, spicing things up when it comes to stamina and endurance!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this men’s dietary supplement:

  • 100 capsules per container, enough for 50 servings;
  • All-natural and organic;
  • Enriched with maca root extract;
  • No GMOs, preservatives, fillers, colors or additives;
  • GMP seal manufacturing, proudly made in USA;
  • Enhanced bioavailability;
  • Maximum strength formula;
  • Supports energy levels, vitality and athletic performance;
  • May promote healthy endocrine functions and balanced hormone levels;
  • Ideal for men of all ages;
  • Great support for workouts, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, couples.
  • Formulated for Men: The Herbalicious male supplement with Tribulus terrestris and maca extract was developed having in mind the active man who wants to boost performance whether in the gym or behind closed doors, in a safe and natural manner!
  • Premium Organic Formula: These mens supplements are proudly made in the US obeying all GMP standards. Our formula is based on all-natural, organic ingredients, containing no nasty GMOs, fillers, preservatives or colors
  • Enjoy Better Energy Levels: Tribulus terrestris is a herbal ingredient that acts as a male enhancer, promoting increased energy levels, vitality and endurance. An excellent choice for men of all ages who want to naturally boost their workout performance, and not only!
  • A Variety of Properties: Enriched with maca root extract, our dietary supplement for men has been known to promote reduced blood sugar and cholesterol, supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Enhanced Bioavailability: The Herbalicious mens health herbal supplement has a powerful formula with high strength active ingredients, allowing superior absorption and easy digestion. Each container comes with 100 capsules, ideal for 50 servings.


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