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Sarsaparilla Root Extract – 2oz




All About Sarsaparilla Root Extract – 2oz

  • Fortify Your Immune Defense – The saponins in this  supplement help your body absorb nutrients from your diet, which in turn may keep your body strong and your immune system robust.
  • Enjoy Clear & Radiant Skin – Sarsaparilla is rich in antioxidants that help in the removal of skin-damaging free radicals. It also contains astilbin that may help ease symptoms of skin irritation.
  • Cleanse Your System – Sarsaparilla root supplement may help support kidney and liver functions, from increasing urine output to cleansing the body’s second-largest organ.
  • Care For Your Gut – These kidney support supplements are packed with nutrients that may help support proper digestive functions. Sarsaparilla Root Extract – 2oz may also help provide relief from symptoms of gut problems.
  • A Natural Way To Wellness – Sarsaparilla Extract of whole herb sarsaparilla sourced from reputable suppliers. It’s non-GMO and has no gluten, fillers, or any artificial preservatives.

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