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Mullein Leaf (Verbascum Thapsus) – 2oz Extract


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All About  Mullein Leaf (Verbascum Thapsus) – 2oz Extract

  • Breathe Comfortably – This mullein supplement offers remarkable support for your respiratory system. It functions as a demulcent and may help clear your nasal passageway so you can inhale with ease.
  • Sleep Soundly – No more counting sheep. Make every night rejuvenating with these mullein drops. As a natural sleep aid, it may calm your nerves and brain cells for easier and sounder slumbers.
  • TLC For Your Gut – Did you know that mullein leaves assist your digestive tract? This herbal extract is loaded with saponins and antioxidants that support digestion and relief from discomfort.
  • Pure, Natural Formula – Get only what your body needs. Our mullein tincture is made only from organic Verbascum Thapsus dry herb, vegetable glycerin, and distilled water. No GMOs or preservatives.
  • Choose Local – All of our dietary supplements, including these mullein extract drops, are made in the United States in full compliance with relevant industry standards and safety protocols.

Running out of breath faster than usual?

These situations are telltale signs that your respiratory system needs a bit of assistance, and it could use every bit of help it can get. Proper nutrition, for instance, goes a long way in supporting its optimal function, especially with our liquid supplement made from mullein or Verbascum Thapsus.

It’s tough going through the entire day whenever you’re having breathing difficulties. You can’t seem to draw a full or complete breath, plus even the most minor of tasks seem extra hard to do. You end up lacking in energy and it throws your whole day in disarray.

Mullein Leaf Make every night rejuvenating with these mullein drops



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