Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplement – 100 Capsules


At Herbalicious, we focus on developing complex dietary supplements that can help improve your lifestyle and allow you to enjoy each day a bit more. We rely on carefully-selected ingredients and special formulas developed in a GMP-registered facility so we can always make sure your safety is a priority. Our lion’s mane mushroom powder capsules make no exception. Based on the power of lion mane mushroom, this supplement is designed to provide support to your cognitive system, enhancing memory function and focus.

What makes this product special?

Our lion’s mane mushroom capsules deliver 1000mg of pure lion’s mane per serving. In time, these capsules can help you to improve focus and provide nerve support. The formula is safe, featuring no GMOs or gluten. Additionally, the pure gelatin capsules are easy to swallow and are free from harsh fillers.

Some features to keep in mind about our product:

Total count: 100 capsules;
Lion’s Mane intake: 500mg/capsule;
Serving size: 2 capsules/day;
Made in the USA;
Developed in an GMP-registered facility;
Non-GMO and gluten-free formula;
3rd party tested
Designed to support the cognitive functions;
May help to improve focus and the memory function;
May promote mental clarity and focus;
Unflavored supplement;
Balanced formula.

Improve your lifestyle with our premium lion’s mane capsules!

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