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Licorice Root Tea




This Herbalicious Licorice Root extract tea was developed preserving the best characteristics of Licorice root to boost your health. The sweet flavor and distinguished aroma of this tea will make you relax after stressful working day, also cleansing your lungs and supporting your respiratory health. This tea has also been proven to assist in keeping fit and maintaining healthy diet.
Take a Licorice extract tea bag daily for refreshing experience!
Health Benefits of this product
✅ NATURAL LICORICE EXTRACT TEA – This natural herbal licorice tea is elaborated with the finest hand-crafted licorice roots. Contains no artificial additives or preservatives. Just pure extract, nothing more.
✅ FEEL THE POWER OF THE HERB – Licorice root as one of the world’s oldest herbs used by humans, is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to support your body health.
✅ BEST FOR YOUR DIGESTIVE HEALTH – Herbalicious licorice root herbal tea is a natural remedy for your gastrointestinal tract that will boost your digestive system and keep your gut sound.
✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Here at HERBALICIOUS, we are committed to offer you convenience, safety and satisfaction for the products you purchase. Combine healthy with pleasant by purchasing and enjoying our Licorice herbal tea.


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