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Irish Sea Moss Extract – 2oz fl.




In seek of a supplement that may support healthy thyroid function?

The role that thyroid gland plays in your body is irreplaceable. It facilitates proper functioning of key organs, such as heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and skin. Thyroid function disorders can cause reduced energy levels, unhealthy weight gain, muscle and joint pains, or hair loss or poor skin quality.
Thyroid gland health and functioning is essential for efficient daily performance. If you need a natural supplement to promote thyroid function, Irish moss is an ideal solution.

Nourish and take care for your thyroid with Herbalicious Natural Irish Moss Extract.

Irish moss extract is loaded with iodine, which may assist in supporting thyroid gland function by balancing hormones.
Irish moss drops are helpful for GI tract health, making the absorption of nutrients fast and effective. It helps in keeping the right balance of intestinal flora.
Harness more energy with Herbalicious Irish Sea Moss Extract. Packed with B vitamins, this liquid extract will deliver energy that can be used for completing everyday tasks.
Health benefits of this product
✅ NATURAL THYROID GLAND AID – Care for your thyroid gland and it will take care of you. Irish sea moss extract is affluent in iodine, a mineral that has been proven to control thyroid hormones.
✅ YOUR TUMMY’S FRIEND – Poor digestion may cause gases, bloating, or nausea. Organic sea moss will support digestive health through generation of beneficial flora in the gut.
✅ MORE ENERGY & VIGOR – Hold off feelings of exhaustion and extreme fatigue by taking this liquid supplement. Our Irish moss extract is naturally filled with vitamin B, required for energy production.
✅ MAY AID IN PROMOTING IMMUNE FUNCTION – Taking organic Irish sea moss may help improve immune system health. It is congested with vitamin C, which as an antioxidant may aid to strengthen your immune defenses.
✅ EASY TO TAKE – Forget about swallowing large pills or tablets. This extract may be taken on its own or by adding a few drops to water, tea, juice, or smoothie to create a sea moss drink.

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