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Immune Guard -100 Capsules




Do You Find Yourself More Under The Weather Than Usual?

Our bodies are constantly under attack by elements that put us at risk of developing various issues. The good news? Our immune system can naturally protect us against such dangers. On its own, it’s a pretty efficient barrier.

The bad news is that this system only works when your body is in optimal condition. Poor lifestyle choices and stress tend to chip this built-in armor slowly. Thankfully, there’s an herbal supplement enriched with vitamins and minerals that may help you provide additional support where it’s needed.

This Quinine Immune Guard by Herbalicious is formulated to support your immunity so you can face the world with peace of mind!

Level Up Your Protection

Aside from Vitamin C, our quinine herbal supplement also contains Vitamin D3. This may help sustain the normal function of your innate immune system and your adaptive immune system.

It’s also loaded with zinc, an essential micronutrient that may contribute to your overall wellness and immune response. This mineral helps in the elimination of harmful elements in the body, as well as in the production and activation of different immune cells.

Keep An Eye On Your Digestive Wellness

The immune system and digestive system are closely related. After all, a huge portion of the former is located in the latter; hence the need to take care of our GI tract. Here, our quinine supplement may help. Quinine also has different compounds that help the gut release gastric juices necessary for proper digestive processes. This helps alleviate symptoms of gas, bloating, and other stomach-related aches and pains.

Beat Oxidative Stress

We’re always exposed to cell-damaging free radicals. They’re in UV light, ozone, and smoke–all things you’re regularly exposed to. Our bodies also produce them as by-products of normal metabolic processes.

The antioxidants in these quinine herbal supplements can help keep our cells safe from damage and degeneration. This isn’t just true for immune cells, but for all cells found throughout the body, from those on your scalp to those on the soles of your feet.


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