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Goats Rue 4 Fl Oz




Why choose HERBALICIOUS Goats Rue 4  Breastfeeding Extract?
Supports the Promotion of Mother’s Milk:
Our liquid milk-increasing formula contains goat’s rue, fenugreek seeds, and blessed thistle to enhance the flow of milk and enhance lactation.
Breastfeeding Support For Feeding Mothers:
Our liquid extract is formulated for mothers whose breast size didn’t increase during pregnancy, who had premature birth or have undergone breast surgeries.
Completely Natural Lactation Booster:
Our goats rue lactation extract is produced from 100% natural and organic goat’s rue, fenugreek seeds, and blessed thistle. It doesn’t contain GMO, alcohol, gluten or preservatives.
Supports Mammary Tissue Growth:
This liquid breastfeeding drops will boost mammary tissue development, serving an ideal solution for mothers who didn’t experience breast increase while pregnant.

Health benefits of this product

✅ PROMOTES BREAST MILK SUPPLY – This milk-boosting supplement containing goat’s rue blessed thistle and fenugreek seeds will boost the production of breast milk and enhance lactation
✅ BREASTFEEDING SUPPLEMENT FOR MOTHERS – This breastmilk supplement is designed for mothers whose breast size didn’t change during pregnancy, who experience lack of natural breastmilk, Goats Rue 4 delivered prematurely.
✅ NATURAL LACTATION BOOSTER – Our goats rue lactation supplement is made from 100% natural components: goat’s rue, fenugreek seeds, and blessed thistle. It’s vegan, doesn’t contain GMO, alcohol, gluten and preservatives.
✅ SUPPORTS THE GROWTH OF MAMMARY TISSUE – Goats Rue 4 supplement will promote the development of mammary tissues and is recommended for mothers whose breast didn’t augment during pregnancy.

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