Colon Cleanse – 100 Capsules


Herbalicious is a well-established brand that strives to provide powerful and effective dietary supplements meant to promote optimal health and wellbeing, without compromising on your safety or comfort. We make it a rule from working only with premium ingredients and reliable suppliers, in order to meet all international manufacturing standards and exceed your expectations. Should you not be 100% pleased with your purchase, our customer care department is at your disposal and will address any concerns!

Senna Leaf Powder Colon Cleanse – Naturally Strengthen Your Gut and Enjoy Smooth Digestion!

The Herbalicious Colon Cleanse perfectly combines powerful active ingredients with a natural formula in order to gently cleanse and eliminate waste, promoting a healthier gut and digestive system. Containing 1000mg senna leaf extract, using only clean ingredients and no nasty fillers or preservatives, these digestive dietary supplements will become your go-to long-term solution for smooth bowel movements and reduced bloating sensations!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this colon cleanser:

100 capsules per container, enough for 50 servings;
Ideal for men and women of all ages, dealing with digestive distress, bloating;
Proudly made in USA, no GMO, GMP sealed;
No preservatives, no fillers, gluten-free;
Ultra powerful 1000mg formula;
Promotes regularity and supports optimal weight management;
Can help reduce bloating and eliminate waste;
Promotes easy bowel movements;
May boost energy levels and enhance nutrient absorption;
Rapidly absorbed and gentle.

Reap all the benefits this herbal supplement has to offer in terms of a healthy digestive system!

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