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Chlorophyll – 2oz




All about Chlorophyll – 2oz

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR GUARD – Bolster your natural defenses with our chlorophyll liquid drops! Chlorophyll may function as a natural interceptor of foreign invaders, keeping you in top shape.
  • FLUSH OUT WASTE PRODUCTS – Our chlorophyll liquid supplement may help with liver function. This pigment supports your body’s natural cleansing processes and may assist with regular bowel movement.
  • NO MORE LOSING STEAM – Maintain high energy levels throughout the day. These chlorophyll drops support red blood cell production, which may help oxygenate the body and deliver more energy.
  • CONSUME WITH EASE – Choose our food supplement if you aren’t fond of capsules or tablets. This dietary product is in liquid form for easy consumption, just mix with water and drink as instructed.
  • PROUDLY LOCALLY MADE – Stock up on nutritional supplements from a reliable and trustworthy brand. We make our chlorophyllin liquid extract in the USA in line with leading industry standards.


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