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About Us

The story of our company began with the commitment of creating something significant, useful and natural, something, that consumers would love.

 We established Herbalicious with the strong belief that nature is the main source of human energy and the solutions of all our problems are found in nature.

 Thus, we started this company in an effort to bring nature closer to you,as well as to develop 100% natural, non-GMO and gluten-free products, that containing no additives, dairy, soy, fillers, or binders to maintain your health, beauty and wellbeing. 

We started the production of Herbalicious capsules and extracts almost three decades ago and ever since, have been perfecting the process of creating high-quality, evidence-based nutritional supplements.

 From preliminary research and ingredient sourcing , to final formulation—and every step in between—Herbalicious specialists care for each consumer and remain faithful to their mission of delivering the benefits of nature to you.

Each product is manufactured in compliance with the U.S. CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. Manufacturing facilities are inspected by the Herbalicious Products Quality Assurance Department. Every lot is laboratory tested against Herbalicious established quality specifications. Ingredients are tested for purity and approved before use in the finished product. Each product complies with FDA regulations for dietary supplements.
Enjoy the benefits of nature with us !